July 31, 2018

To: Our customers
Beginning July 6, 2018, the United States put into effect 25% tariffs on over 800 different products imported from China (the so-called “Section 301 tariffs”). While many auto parts categories were excluded, certain products are impacted by the 25% tariffs. As a result, a number of our suppliers have been required to introduce price adjustments on all affected product types.
The United States is considering a second list of auto part categories for additional tariffs that will be decided in August. These tariffs could be temporary as the US and China trade negotiations remain fluid. Should our government eliminate, modify or extend these tariffs in the future we will respond accordingly.

The “Estimated Change” percentages listed below reflect information provided to Hanson Distributing Company by the Vendor. This may reflect individual or flowed change percentages. Price changes from Hanson Distributing Company will reflect the actual changes as passed to us by the Vendor.

So far we have been informed of increases on the following products:

Updated: September 28, 2018

BrandCategoryEstimated ChangeEffective Date
AirtexWater Pumps3.90%8/1/2018
ValeoSelect Compressors18.53%8/1/2018
Spectra (select SKUs)Fuel Pumps17.23%8/15/2018
DelphiAC Compessors8.00%8/20/2018
DelphiFuel Pumps0.90%8/20/2018
Delphi (select SKUs)Engine Management Products1% To 6.7%8/20/2018
CRPAAE SteeringTBD8/27/2018
MevotechSelect Hub Assemblies25%9/1/2018
DuraGoSelect Hub Assemblies10%9/10/2018
RemyRotating ElectricalTBD9/24/2018
DaycoSelect Part NumbersTBD9/25/2018
DuragoDrums & Rotors8%9/25/2018
AncoWiper Blades2.30%10/1/2018
Bosch BrakesMultiple4% To 7%10/1/2018
Champion IridiumSpark Plugs10%10/1/2018
MedcoSelect Part NumbersTBD10/1/2018
MOOGHub Bearings1.70%10/1/2018
National BearingsHub Bearings2.80%10/1/2018
Perfect Stop BrakesBrake Pads & Shoes4% To 7%10/1/2018
WagnerDrums & Rotors3%10/1/2018
MevotechAll CategoriesTBD10/15/2018
MonroeRide ControlTBD10/15/2018
GatesSelect CategoriesTBD10/22/2018
Four SeasonsMultipleTBD10/29/2018
Standard Motor ProductsMultipleTBD10/29/2018
Power StopPads & RotorsTBD10/31/2018
Power StopPads & RotorsTBD12/31/2018
MPARotating ElectricalTBD1/1/2019

Hanson Distributing will continue to evaluate our category offerings to bring you the best value and quality in the aftermarket and will be working to implement these tariff price changes with the least amount of impact to our customers as possible. Included are the expected change dates that we are currently aware of.
Thank you for your understanding and support.