Marketing / Federated Auto Parts

Hanson Distributing Company is proud to be a member of Federated Auto Parts. Hanson Distributing sells, markets, and distributes under the Federated name as part of a national promotional awareness and product branding campaign.

Jobber Sales

With the largest car parc in the world, the Southern California Automotive Aftermarket supports a thriving Independent Jobber community.  Supporting this Jobber community with an extensive inventory and delivery model is the highest priority for Hanson Distributing Company.  The company co-brands independent Jobbers under the Bumper to Bumper affiliation.

Installer Sales

Hanson Distributing Company focuses on Installer Sales through the Company Store Division.  The company operates stores under the HMC (Hanson Merrill Corp) name and co-brands the stores Bumper to Bumper as part of our national identity.  The stores provide retail expertise but the majority of the focus of their sales efforts is at the professional technician level.  Not only does HMC deliver a competitive program on replacement parts, but they provide a robust training program geared to increase the knowledge and skill level of their employees and customers.  HMC co-brands independent Repair Shops under the Bumper to Bumper Certified Service Center affiliation.

Fleet Sales

The HMC division sells and services fleets, municipalities, and national accounts.  Fleet rebates and stocking inventory models are provided to this class of customer.  Fleet surveys are performed to maximize inventory turn while assuring a high level of on-hand parts for the vehicles within the specific fleets.

Fee Warehousing / Logistics / Fulfillment

Hanson Distributing Company provides Third Party Logistics services by operating a Fee Warehouse within multiple warehouse locations.  On behalf of Automotive Manufacturers, the company stocks and provides picking and shipping services to direct customers in the western United States.  Through a widening logistics based model the company is able to efficiently ship product throughout the United States.  Additionally the company provides single package fulfillment services for many segments of the automotive industry.